1. Our Program

At The Grange we aim to promote the learning and development of all children by providing a program of planned play based learning experiences. We have a strong focus on promoting the development of early literacy and numeracy skills and knowledge. A wide range of equipment and resources are provided both indoors and outdoors and children are encouraged to make choices about where, who and what they play with. Children are invited to participate in experiences and to share their passions, interests and ideas with others. Our qualified and experienced teachers observe and assess children on a regular basis and this information is used to form plans for the program. Our program includes opportunities for  children to participate in individual and small group learning experiences and projects which aim to promote holisitc learning and development.

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transition to school

2. Transition to School

At The Grange we have developed a close relationship with our local school “Sunnyvale Primary”. Information and enrolment packs are available for parents at the centre for a range of local schools, and our teachers are happy to discuss this important milestone with families. Our learning program provides a sound basis of literacy, numeracy and social and emotional development that provides a strong foundation for children entering school. A special graduation ceremony is held for each child and their family when they leave the centre to start school.

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Sunnyvale Primary

3. Out and About

Out and About visits are unique to The Grange Early Learning Centre and fall under our Transition to School Program.  The aim of the program is to provide children with opportunities to explore their local environment. The weekly outings may include a visit to the local primary school, taking a bus ride to Henderson Library, walks to the Millbrook Community Gardens, exploring the local parks and bushwalks, taking a train ride or visiting the local marae. During their outings, the children are  developing street awareness, learning about road safety, reading maps and engaging with people in their local community.

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