Out and About Nature Program

The Out and About Nature Program is a special part of the cirriculum program for our four year old children which involves getting outside the centre in small groups once every week. The aim of the program is to provide regular opportunities for children to engage with nature and their local community. These experiences unable the children to learn life skills such as road safety, reading maps and street signs, visiting their local school and library and trips to the commumity garden,parks and bush walks lead to respect, care and a genuine interest and knowledge of papatuanuku and the local environment in which the children live. They also provide valuable opportunities for children to have regular exercise, develop street awareness, and be included in planning and decision making for their own learning.

Each group remains the same for one term at a time to allow for consistency and predictability. The same two teachers work with each group for the whole term. Children are eligible to join an Out and About group as they turn four years old and when a space becomes available on a day they attend the centre. Each group will be included in planning, documenting and researching their out and about excursion each week. Some times this may involve repeating the previous week’s experiences as children learn from repetition and sustained experiences over time.

A carefully planned policy and hazard plan has been developed to protect the safety of children during Out and About. Parents are required to read these documents and sign permission for their child to participate in the Out and About Nature program. The Out and About program continues in any weather as learning to manage oneself in any weather is a valuable part of developing self help skills. And walking in the rain is an amazing experience in itself!

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