What about preparing children for school?

At The Grange we believe in the early childhood years as a valid and significant time of a child’s life. This is the only time in a child’s life when they are able to be 2, 3 or 4 years old. Early childhood is not just a time to prepare for turning 5. However, all of the experiences that a child has under the age of 5 will contribute to their learning. We believe that learning is a life long process and therefore aim to provide opportunities and experiences every day that will ensure children develop a love of learning.

We understand that families can be anxious for their child to learn, and to begin preparations for entering school. We have spoken with our local primary schools and have developed our program based on what we know and understand to be important for children’s learning. We aim to provide opportunities and experiences every day for children that will support their developing literacy, numeracy, social skills and self help skills. Through engaging in play and relationships at The Grange children will generally enter school being able to;

  • Manage and care for their personal belongings
  • Open their own lunch box and drink bottle independently
  • Take turns, listen when others speak, share, negotiate and resolve conflict peacefully and respectfully
  • Pay attention and listen for short periods of time when others are talking
  • Share their ideas with others
  • Recognise a wide range of letter sounds and maybe also be able to name these
  • Write their own first name and possibly more
  • Understand how books operate – where to start, which way is up
  • Use a range of tools for creative expression e.g. art materials, natural resources, technology
  • Keep themselves warm and dry – be able to change their own clothes independently
  • Speak, listen and share language, ideas and opinions.

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