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Hazel’s transition from ‘under 2’s’ to ‘over 2’s’

Rachel Williams Sunnyvale

What an experience it has been to have Hazel move from under 2’s to over 2’s. Hazel enjoyed the under 2’s immensely but would often take sneaky peeks through to the over 2’s and watch ‘the big kids’ eagerly. When her day finally came she had her best friend Willa by her side and they were able to step into this new universe together.

The process was gradual and careful. Hazel joined the over 2’s group on several short occasions and as confidence grew the time span for these visits increased. This eased the transition and she never felt too far out of her depth. With the support and care from the lovely staff at the Grange, this became a successful and exciting journey.

In the over 2’s she has blossomed. During our evening meals, Hazel is very chatty about her memories from the day. She likes to lead our family meal with the karakia that is practiced at daycare. Her confidence and self esteem has developed positively and she will often be ‘the teacher’ in her imaginative play at home. She impersonates the teachers at home and likes the rest of our family to pretend we are the children. Hazel will rehearse the alphabet and attempt to teach phonics to the rest of us. Sometimes she will teach maths by singing the song “I’m selling lollipops” and asking us all for money. She models different math equations by presenting questions like “If I have 5 jellybeans but I eat one, how many are left?” And she’s only 2!

Hazel loves to sing the English and Te Reo songs she has learnt at daycare. She particularly enjoys the song ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and the storybook ‘I’m going on a bear hunt’.

The Grange Early Learning Centre has been a blessing for our family. As a parent leaving a child, the sometimes guilt of racing off to work is alleviated by knowing that she is in a whanau environment. When I was looking for a daycare for Hazel my desire was for somewhere safe and a place that was an extension of our home. The staff at the Grange have been vital to her transition process and have gone above and beyond to make this a pleasurable and meaningful experience. This is why I speak so highly of Hazel’s daycare to my family, friends and colleagues.

Goodbye and Thank you

Emma Solomon

We are looking forward to Cole's graduation next week.  I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your amazing team.  All the teachers have been fantastic with Cole and we will really miss coming down every day once he starts school.

Amazing Start

Nadia Hutton Glendene

Thank you to Kate and the other teachers who have worked with Beau since he started as a baby! You have been amazing and we really appreciate what you do. We will still wave out and remember all you have done to make Beau's start at daycare smooth, happy and stress free. What more can we ask for as parents! Nadia and Daniel 🙂

To the ‘second mummas’ raising my Abhi

Dipti Desai New Lynn

Earlier this week I shared with my Facebook friends how hard it was for me to leave Abhi at daycare, especially after 2 consecutive long weekends. But I thought today I would share with you how lucky I am to have such amazing women look after my Abhimanyu and raising him, when I’m not there. Abhi attends daycare for around 40+ hours each week. He’s been a ‘daycare baby’ since he was 4 months old; because mummy had to work. When I initially went back to work, cried each day for up to 6 months; the crying then became more of a once a week thing. It still is at times. I’m crying as I write this. My baby, who needed his mummy, but instead had others looking after him, changing his nappy, feeding him his bottle, putting him to sleep, cuddling him and most of all loving him with all their hearts when mummy couldn’t. They were his daycare mummies. He grew up from a baby to a toddler in front of their eyes and they were so proud of his accomplishments, just as my husband and I were. They would call me when he didn't eat, or thought he was feeling a bit sick, he would have special meals made for him because (their words) “that's what my Abhi likes eating” - he was their baby. He still is. Things changed at the daycare, most of his carers left and Abhi was sad. Abhi then moved to another daycare a few months after his second birthday. He had new mummas, carers he didn't know, ones who didn’t know his quirks, likes, dislikes, and didn't have that bond of growing with him since he was a baby...but boy did these women know how to love. These new mummies love my child, they spend so much more time with him, time I’m so jealous of, time they get that I don't. He’s grown so much at the new daycare. He’s become a boy, no longer a baby. He is so much more independent, disciplined and just filled with so much joy of going to ‘school’. My boy who didn’t like going to school now happily waves good-bye to me each morning after giving me a kiss. My heart breaks and his adventure begins. A lot of the educational growth is credit to his daddy, see they spend a lot of time, especially bath time counting, singing ABC’s, playing educational games. In the weekends we ensure we have at least one adventure with him (hiking, zoo, picnics, beach), we paint, we do ‘art’, we watch movies. It’s soley family time. The daycare mummies instill in him day-to-day routines and reiterating what we teach him at home. He’s learnt so much with them, he knows his ABC’s and can count to 20 without any help (he’s 2.5). He’s an explorer, a do-er. He’s a dinosaur loving, tiger hugging, monster car thrashing, tree climbing active 2.5 year old, and they let him be that. They encourage his personality, and boy, does he have a lot of it. They let him be him, a 2.5 half year old boy who can give the energizer bunny a run for his money. I owe them so much, no amount of fees can cover the cuddles he gets when he's hurt himself or needs a hug just ‘cause. Nothing can prepare me for when he learns a new word, a new letter (A- AAaa Apple - thank you for the letter of the week!) or forms a sentence and corrects me- Mum: “look Abhi plane”; Abhi: ‘no mummy, BIG aeroplane’. So thank you daycare mums, thank you for raising my child when I can’t. For understanding that most days I have to wake him up so I can be on time to work. Thank you for understanding that for him eating breakfast is hard that early in the morning, that at times he's still half asleep at 7.30am and even 8am when I drop him off. Thank you for telling me what he likes in his lunchbox, and what he doesn’t. Thank you for being patient while he’s learning to say words, when I’m bring him up (bi/tri?) lingual and he gets confused and sometimes says things in Hindi, thank you for teaching him right and wrong when I’m not there to, for making him feel safe and secure without mummy or daddy. Thank you for informing me about his day, and most of all making his day full of love. No mummy wants to be away from their child and it never gets easier, but knowing a have strong women like you raising my boy gives me comfort. Thank you.

“I love the warm and friendly environment”

Mary Lim, Glen Eden

Steven’s time at The Grange has been outstanding.  It really has helped him to settle into Auckland after moving from Christchurch.  He has made many friends and learnt many Maori songs. I love the warm and friendly environment. Good outdoor play and really committed, loving teachers which Steven grew to love.

“Children are your number one priority”

Kirsty Mackay, Titirangi

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how great I think your team of teachers are and your wonderful attitude towards children and their learning.  When I picked my children up today, my heart sung when I saw the children getting down and dirty in the sandpit with their little creek they had created and awesome waterplay.  I love that this is encouraged and is obviously ‘the norm’.  As a teacher myself, I appreciate and understand the importance of this sort of play and can see that this is the centre I want my children to be in.  So thank you ladies for creating this environment where clothes don’t matter and letting the children be children is your number one priority.

“My child has thrived while being at The Grange”

Melaine Spackman, Henderson

My son Mykah attended  The Grange for 2 years from 3 years old till starting school.  He loved his time there. The outdoor area they have to play in is fantastic.  The staff are incredible, some long standing members and some new ones.  They are all very friendly and take care of the children well.  Mykah has thrived while being there and I thank the staff for that.

“Wonderful care”

Zelda Chapman, Sunnyvale

We would like to express our appreciation and thanks to all the staff at The Grange who take such wonderful care of Casper.  He is so happy and settled at your Daycare and it has been such a relief to us to know that he is in such loving and capable hands, you are a fantastic team!

“Best Outdoor Playground”

Natasha Townsend, Sunnyvale (Google Review)

The Grange has been really wonderful for my daughter! She loved her teachers and they are all very experienced. It has the best outdoor playground I have ever seen!